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Esther Dyson’s latest piece on ProSyn, called Tweeting to Havana, details the complicated sense of freedom and the lack thereof felt in Cuba. The line between political freedom and censorship is blurry; people like Orlando Luis Pardo (@OLPL) still choose to stay in Cuba despite dissatisfaction with its political system. And, for the most part, they are able to tweet, write, and speak publicly.

“Is their ability to do that (so far) a sign that the government knows that few people are listening?” Is the rule, in essence, you may speak, but don’t make too much noise? The regime clearly knows who these dissident-types are, as Pardo and another blogger have been apprehended and roughed up by police before. But it has yet to deport them or make any meaningful moves towards silencing them.

Dyson writes that “it all depends on how you interpret it—and on how they interpret you.” I suppose the takeaway for me, personally, is the usual realization of how fortunate I am to be able to write this and not worry if it’s a safe choice.

I hope Cubans will continue blogging, tweeting, and speaking up. And I hope it will eventually make a difference for freedom there. To read the rest of Dyson’s article, and to interpret it for yourself, head over to Project Syndicate by clicking this link.