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Following the death of Steve Jobs, there has been a plethora of many and varied responses online. Ranging from the die-hard fans now at a loss without Jobs, to the ultimate¬†skeptics. Though Esther Dyson has written a reponse piece on Project Syndicate, which details Jobs’ good qualities as a professional and as a person: ‘Steve had a better sense of the world outside educated, middle-class America than most techies’. Having met and worked with Jobs, Dyson understood him well and even recieved an insult from him, ‘he called a particular app I had introduced to him “really…crummy”’¬†

Overall, Dyson reflects that Jobs was a the best at his business and in innovation:

'Openness is great, and a strategy I normally applaud: no single vendor is likely to be the best, so openness allows a broad range of suppliers to compete and differentiate so the best can emerge. The closed strategy makes sense only if you are the best. That is what Steve was.’ -Esther Dyson

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